How To Fix A Sticky Trip Lever Bathtub Drain-Stopper

bathtub drain stopper stuck in closed position

Any bathtub drain stopper that really doesn't do its job will be an annoying inconvenience. Generally, the problem is easy to fix, though the procedures range depending on what type of tub stopper you have. Few drains include stoppers which can be spring-loaded, managed by means of a drive of this toe or from hand, while others work with a trip-lever mounted on the bathtub's overflow plate. A trip-lever drain-stopper is more tricky than the usual fix, due to its notably complicated mechanics.

Establish Your bathroom sink stopper stuck Dilemma

For resolving sink drain stopper stuck issue, 1st, it is vital that you comprehend something about just how this manner of drain stopper operates out. The modest up-and-down lever that you see protruding from the overflow plate on your own tub is connected to a vertical connecting rod inside the overflow pipe supporting the front tub wall. Near the base of the connecting rod can be actually a plunger of any sort --often a burden is effective by sealing the drain opening at the bottom of the overflow tube. This type of drain stopper may be known as a lift bucket. Some times, however, the journey lever works a horizontal rocker arm that functions a pop up drain plug that suits into the bathtub drain opening. Inside this situation, that the plunger device could possibly become a kind of spring that joins into the flat rocker arm.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Gear

For Lift-Bucket drain-stoppers


Small scrub brush

Adaptive wrench

New plunger along with linkage (if necessary )

For Pop up drain-stoppers


Small wash brush

Adjustable wrench

New pop-up drain stopper (if necessary )

The Way to Fix a Lift-Bucket drain-stopper

In the event you might have drain stopper stuck trouble, you're able to adhere to with this particular specific guide. A trip-lever bathtub stopper that employs a lift-bucket plunger may be recognized from the lack of a pop-up stopper from the drain opening. When issues occur with This Kind of drain, then It's for one of two reasons:

The plunger has become stuck in the thoracic tube and won't move down and up freely.

The rod linking the journey lever into your plunger is not altered precisely, developing a situation in which the elevator plunger will not shed enough to completely secure the drainpipe opening.

Take out the Cover Plate and also Stopper

Back the mounting screws which support the overflow cap plate onto the overflow tubing. Carefully get rid of the cap plate and pull on exactly the linking rod and plunger throughout the overflow opening.

Examine and Wash the Plunger

Clear off the plunger; corrosion or debris may be avoiding it by moving smoothly in the overflow tube. In the event the plunger is badly corroded or damaged, the whole meeting should be changed.

Correct the Linkage

If necessary, correct the linkage to lengthen the linking pole. This can allow the plunger to collapse lower from the overflow tube, so ensuring that it seals the drain opening. It may have a little tinkering to get the connecting rod span exactly perfect.

Re-assemble the Stopper

Insert the stopper and then drain linkage down through the Drain opening. Reattach the cover plate to the escape tubing. Twist the ground and operate the exact stopper several occasions to create sure it is working precisely.